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The Digitalscouting video database systems is being used as an advance scouting system for a National Sport Organization, a game tape exchange for a Football League and an educational tool for a number of community sport programs.


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If you are a new member it will take up to 1 busness day to activate your account. If you would like to see our price list Click Here. Try our Demonstration site.

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Seven recently added to our Community Sport Database. Click on the image above to register. We have Wrestling, Basketball, Soccer and fitness videos. 

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Digital Coaching Systems

Digital Coaching Systems is comprised of Digitalscouting (online video sharing and tagging system) and Digitalmentoring (e-learning solutions). We also have a section for teachers and coaches.

Unlike other web-based options, Digital Coaching Systems was developed specifically for sports. Designed by a wrestling coach, the site is for anyone involved in sport in any way.

Other sports associations are now benefiting from this powerful database, and you can too! Let us help you customize a Digitalscouting experience that will build your organization’s future. Click here, for a 30 day free trial of our customizable video sharing database. We will setup your database, membership profiles and tagging categories.


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Over 4 million people are participating in on-line learning. Universities and colleges lead the way but,  Coaching Education and job training are not far behind.  E-learning is moving rapidly from the sidelines to a starting position.